If you ain’t down with Upsuck already, take a seat and let the Mill Ave Blues Gypsy to break it down.  It’s all ’bout havin’ a good time, and you sure as shit don’t need no nickel or dime

Upsuck pays homage to one of their all-time favs, BTS, at Tempe Tavern on 7/21/17

Pedro kicks his wisdom at Rage Cycle’s “Fezzapalooza” on 10/29/16

The official Spandex Warrior video is here!  Directed by Nate at Ethington Productions – yup, blame him for this!


Ciara’s 17th birthday bash was a frigid affair, but Upsuck heated things up nicely


Somewhere in this mess we played Dumb FucKerr….I think….


Upsuck shuts down Tempe Tavern with the Stank Anthem