Epic Fail (aka Upsuck’s big once-in-a-lifetime Release Show with Hans Olson)

Watch Arizona legend Hans Olson plug his split 7″ with Upsuck at his 50th Anniversary show at the MIM!

The official “I’ll Be Glad” video is here!

Spandex Warrior – live @Adampalooza

A little bitta dub with a whole lotta message

“Let me tell you bout Upsuck, they ain’t no joke”  –Mill Ave Blues Gypsy

Upsuck pays homage to one of their all-time favs, BTS, at Tempe Tavern on 7/21/17

Super-sober-and-in-control Pedro kicks his wisdom at Rage Cycle’s “Fezzapalooza” on 10/29/16

The official Spandex Warrior video is here!  Directed by Nate at Ethington Productions – yup, blame him for this!


Ciara’s birthday bash was a frigid affair, but Upsuck heated things up nicely


Somewhere in this mess we played Dumb FucKerr….I think….


Upsuck shuts down Tempe Tavern with the Stank Anthem